WSC 2008

On the occasion of the World Sauvignon Blanc Congress in Graz 2008 our friends Mr. Bartholmew Broadbent (U.S. wine importer) and Erich Machherndl visited Graz; together we tasted some styrian Sauvignon Blancs and enjoyed the beauty of the styrian summer and the delicious goodies of the region.

Monday evening we had diner at the restaurant "Eckstein" in the center of the old part of Graz and enjoyed the
1. Tement Sauvignon Blanc "Classic" 2007
2. Polz Sauvignon Blanc "Therese" 2007
3. Tement Sauvignon Blanc "Zieregg" 2006


On tuesday we met at the official come-together of the SVC at the "Kasematten" on the "Schlossberg" of Graz

B. Broadbent, Sandra, E. Machherndl and Walther "Wurli" Hillbrand
photo courtesy of Josef

More pics can be found at THIS site